Best Summer Walking Sandals For Women To Buy


You have compiled your perfect playlist ready to go, and marked down your outdoor walking goals, but what about your cute summer sandals? With so many sandals you can find online, it’s hard to distinguish between shoes that support your feet and those that only get based on looks. Good thing there are sandal makers who are acing the game when it comes to arch support, all-around comfort, shock-absorption, and overloaded cute design. Ready to learn what’s our top-rated selection? Below are the most comfortable walking sandals you can shop in 2020:

Kirra Backstrap Sandal

Whether you’re going on a vacay or heading for a walk with your dog, these Kirra Backstrap sandals from Vionic are a great combination of quality, style, and comfort. EVA footbed is so comfortable and acts as a protectant from the impact of each step. It also hugs the curves of the feet, because your arches should never be deserted.

Yoga Sling 2 Sandal

Imagine how your feet feel when you stand on a yoga mat. Super cozy, right? With the Yoga Sling 2 Sandal, you will feel the same, only that there’s no yoga mat involved. Made from the similar material used to manufacture yoga mats, these sling sandals have knit straps, too, that comfortably stretch as much as you need. That means your feet won’t get blisters, cuts, or bleeding.

Aloe Flip Flop

Okay, so flip flop isn’t that bad as you think, not anymore. For a long time, they were known to be terrible, but now, some of them are great and can give you support. The Aloe Flip Flop is one of the great examples. You can enjoy the comfort thanks to its podiatrist-designed and –approved that feature arch support and shock-absorbing midsole for those who are suffering from plantar fasciitis. Although these are super soft and comfy to wear, these aren’t the best flip flops for long hours of walk.

Arizona Soft Footbed Sandal

This classic is one of the brand’s bestsellers. What makes this different from original Arizona is that its soft footbed is complete with a foam layer on top of the cork footbed and the comfy EVA sole. These sandals have naturally soft footbeds and the ability to distribute weight.

Lainey Embellished Platform Sandal

The Mediterranean-inspired FitFlop platform sandals are a fashionable statement on your foot. It feels like cushiony goodness because of its two midsole layers and a footbed that’s slightly contoured, very appealing to your foot. And for those who have a wide foot, these sandals have a triangular-shaped vamp, giving your toes to spread out.

Florida Fresh Sandal

Walking around in a show with your toes being squeezed is impossible! Luckily, some sandals offer multiple adjustable straps across the front, which allow you to take the reins, depending on how much your feet need. So whether you suffer from bunions or your feet have an odd shape, any sandal with straps across the front is something to look for.

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